Hey Friend! Welcome to FaithandForcedMigration.com! I’m so glad you’re here to learn along with me. My name is Tabitha McDuffee and I am the founder and primary author here. In 2014 as a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, after working with refugees for several years, I launched FaithandForcedMigration.com as an online resource for those who want to serve (or are already serving) refugees in their community.

At FaithandForcedMigration.com I want to both

  1. Encourage those who are working in the trenches with refugees and

  2. Educate others about the challenges and needs of refugees.

I seek to do all of this from the unique perspective of someone who is a deeply committed Christian, but without alienating or offending those from other faiths who may also want to serve refugees or learn more about them. It is a delicate balance to find, and I know that I do not always succeed, but my heart’s desire is to draw people together to serve refugees and advocate for them with intelligent compassion.

Here are some of the categories and topics that I cover at FaithandForcedMigration.com:

Politics: I’ve talked about America’s response to Syrian refugees and have written an in-depth series exploring the risk of refugee radicalization.

Human Rights: Every once in a while I highlight a refugee camp. I’ve looked at Calais, France and Idomeni, Greece and the horrible plight of refugees stranded in those places.

Faith: If you’re interested in what the Bible has to say about refugees, check out my ebook, Refugees in the Bible. You can find an entire PDF list of all the refugees whose stories are told in Scripture here. I have also addressed the problematic response of some evangelical leaders to refugee resettlement.

Service: I give practical ideas for how individuals can make a difference in the lives of refugees around the world and share stories and tips from my own experience working with refugees.

News and Statistics: I cover the biggest current events in forced migration and have produced infographics that highlight the most important things happening in the refugee world.

So, whether you are already involved in ministry to refugees in some way or just want to understand more about refugees from a faith-based perspective, FaithandForcedMigration.com is the perfect to tool to enhance both your general knowledge and your specific ministry. Come and join a community of individuals who are passionate about serving refugees and are willing to ask some hard questions in order to do that better.

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Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Please be reminded that the posts on this site are my own personal opinions. They do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of anyone else or any organization.

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