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Online resources to help you learn more about refugees and forced migration.

If you are interested in learning more about refugees and forced migration, then you’ve come to the right place. These online resources offer exceptional information, on everything from current events to refugee policies and legal frameworks for refugee rights. Check them out!

News & Blogs

The Guardian – Refugees: The Guardian is an excellent news source that I frequent almost daily. They cover refugee events regularly, unlike many other news outlets whose coverage of forced migration is sporadic. The Guardian also has a dedicated migration correspondent, Patrick Kingsley. Any of his writing about migration may be a helpful resource.

Refugees Deeply: This is one of my favorite news sources dedicated to refugees and forced migration. I have not read an article there that was not well-researched and excellently written. I have also written an op-ed for them, which you can find here.

Refugees International: RI is an independent advocacy organization that operates all around the world. Their blog is updated approximately once a week, and they primarily cover current events involving refugees and forced migration.

World Relief’s Blog: WR (see below) includes a blog on their website with updates about what their organization is doing to help refugees around the world.


There are far more organizations dedicated to helping refugees than I am able to list here. A simple internet search should help you find them. For now I’ve included the largest secular refugee aid organization, and the largest evangelical one.

UNHCR: This is the website for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the most influential group involved in refugee aid. Here you can find the latest statistics, news, individual stories, and other resources.

World Relief: WR is an evangelical organization authorized to resettle refugees in the US. They also work with refugees in many other countries. On their website you can find news, articles, and ways to volunteer with refugees.

Refugee Highway Partnership: RHP is an international network of churches and Christian organizations passionate about “helping the Church seek the welfare of the world’s 65 million forcibly displaced people.” They also host the Refugee Roundtable every year, a conference for Christian leaders who are working with refugees.

International Association For Refugees: IAFR is a Christian non-profit “devoted to the mission of helping people survive and recover from forced displacement” through partnership with churches around the world. They have a great resources page on their website.


The Reach of One: This ebook, written by Lani Willbanks, Pastor of Missional Initiatives at Fairfax Community Church, tells the story of how their church became involved in serving refugees and what they have learned along the way. Find it one Amazon by clicking the title.

Free Online Resources

UNHCR Global Trends Report (2015): Every year in June UNHCR releases their global trends report. This free PDF includes helpful statistics and visual representation of the world’s refugees and internally displaced persons. I highly recommend consulting this report for refugee statistics of any kind, as it is likely to be the most accurate.

COR’s Free Resources: The Cultural Orientation Resource Center is responsible for providing refugees with cultural and community orientation before they arrive in the US for resettlement. In partnership with the Center for Applied Linguistics, they have published nearly two dozen pamphlets about various refugee groups, including Syrians, Somalis, Afghans, and more.

The State of the World’s Refugees: In Search of Solidarity: A synthesis of UNHCR’s 2012 publication summarizing the major concerns facing the international humanitarian community in the area of forced migration.

Forced Migration Review: This quarterly magazine is published by the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University and is provided free of charge online in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Each issue focuses on a new topic in forced migration and is contributed to by top scholars, organization leaders, and policy makers in the field.

Rights in Exile Programme: This website is filled with excellent videos and information, especially about asylum seekers and the process they undergo to obtain refugee status. Although it can be confusing to navigate, I would suggest this as a resource if you are interested in learning more about the rights of refugees under international law.

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