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These print resources will give you everything you need to learn more about refugees.

While managing this website over the last few years, I have read many books about refugees and forced migration. I have included my absolute favorites here, but if you’re looking for a book on a specific refugee topic, just let me know by using the contact page and I can make a suggestion. I can also suggest more academic books that I have not included here. As I continue to discover print resources¬†about refugees I will add them to this list.

Print Resources Written From a Christian Perspective

Seeking Refuge is a new book from World Relief explaining the refugee crisis and the opportunity and obligation the Church has to respond with compassionate action. Read a review of the book here.Seeking Refuge by Stephan Bauman, Matthew Soerens, and Issam Smeir
This is my favorite book about the refugee crisis, hands down. It is an excellent introduction to the facts of forced migration and refugee resettlement in the US while also including a biblical perspective of the refugee crisis and the stories of individual refugees. Read my full review here.

Serving God in a Migrant Crisis by Patrick Johnstone
This is another excellent book about the refugee crisis from a Christian perspective. While briefer and not as thorough as Seeking Refuge, it is also an great resource to have in your church or personal library. Read my review here.


In this Goodbye Sarajevo book review find out why this book made me angry, happy, and tearful, all in 335 pages.Goodbye Sarajevo by Atka Reid and Hana Schofield
This is an autobiography by sisters who lived through the Bosnian War in the early 1990s. It’s a beautifully intimate and personal look into a dark time in Europe’s history. Read my review here.



Chasing Chaos by Jessica Alexander
Offering a close look into the life of one humanitarian aid worker, this autobiography will shatter your romantic notions about working in aid and disaster relief. Read my full review here.

The New Odyssey by Patrick Kingsley
Patrick is The Guardian’s migration correspondent and covered the refugee crisis in detail from countries all over the world. This book perfectly mingles story and information and is an example of journalism at its finest. If you’re curious to know what has driven so many to take the dangerous journey across borders and oceans, then this is the book for you. Read my full review here.

There Goes the Neighborhood by Ali Noorani
In this book Ali Noorani talks to small business owners, law enforcement, faith leaders, and conservative politicians in small-town America to learn why many Americans are threatened by immigrants and refugees. An excellent, thought-provoking book, and a must-read for every conservative American. Read my full review here.

The Middle of Everywhere by Mary Pipher
This is a classic, non-academic book filled with stories and offering a practical glimpse into the lives of refugees seeking to build a new life in the US.

Outcasts United by Warren St. John
A national bestseller about refugees in a small American town.

Becoming a Citizen by Irene Bloemraad
A book about welcoming refugees to North America and incorporating them into culture and society.

Of Beetles and Angels by Mawi Asgedom
Another remarkable refugee autobiography recounting one young man’s journey from a refugee camp to Harvard.

What is the What by Dave Eggers
This gripping novel is based on the life account of one of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung
Loung was trained as a child soldier in a work camp under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970s. If you are not familiar with Cambodia’s brief Communist experiment, I highly recommend this book.

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